Battle Axe

Our second album “Battle Axe” is available for purchase through CD Baby, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify…and just about anywhere else digital music is sold!


Battle Axe back cover

Mint Julep Jazz Band – Battle Axe

Lucian Cobb: trombone
Laura Windley: vocals, glockenspiel, ukulele
Aaron Hill: alto saxophone, clarinet
Keenan McKenzie: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Paul Rogers: trumpet
Ben Lassiter: guitar
Jason Foureman: bass
Aaron Tucker: drums

Recorded by Jason Richmond at The Fidelitorium, Kernersville, NC
Mixed by Jason Richmond at The Elfland Shack
Mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studios
Artwork by Judson Cowan

1. You Can’t Live In Harlem (S. Cahn, S. Chaplin)
2. Ducky Wucky (D. Ellington, A. Bigard)
3. Six Jerks in a Jeep (S. Robin)
4. Trebuchet (K. McKenzie)
5. Swingtime in Honolulu (D. Ellington, H. Nemo, I. Mills)
6. The Dwindling Light by the Sea (K. McKenzie)
7. Old King Dooji (D. Ellington)
8. Exactly Like You (J. McHugh, D. Fields)
9. That’s the Blues Old Man (J. Hodges)
10. Night on Bald Mountain (M. Mussorgsky, arr. K. McKenzie)
11. Two Sleepy People (H. Carmichael, F. Loesser)
12. When I Get Low I Get High (M. Sunshine)
13. Everything is Jumpin’ (A. Shaw)
14. Say It Isn’t So (I. Berlin)
15. Betcha Nickel (E. Fitzgerald, C. Webb)
16. Battle Axe (J. Thomas, J. Lunceford)

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