photoHuffington Post, “Mint Julep Jazz Band,” June 24, 2016

“Specializing in the great swing tunes of the ‘30s, the eight-piece band has been tearing through the Lindy hop competition circuit, leaving masses of new fans in its wake. The band made its New York debut at Midsummer Night Swing at Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center on Friday June 24th.”

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Time Out New York, “The full lineup for Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center,” April 25, 2016

“Cheekily referred to as a “little” big band, this eight-piece jazz ensemble is a favorite among Lindy Hoppers. The aptly named DJ Va Va Voon spins.”

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Durham Magazine, “Getting to Know the Mint Julep Jazz Band,” April, 2016

Durham Magazine writer Sophia Lucente interviewed Laura Windley, Lucian Cobb, and Keenan McKenzie to put together this snapshot of the band’s history and life in Durham.

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WUNC’s The State of Things with host Frank Stasio, December 11, 2015

If you missed our interview with Frank Stasio and Mint Julep Quintet’s live performance on WUNC’s The State of Things on Friday, December 11, 2015, you can listen to the 17 minute segment on The State of Things’ website – scroll down to the middle of the page for the audio player and press play.

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“‘A Vintage Sound That’s Always Fresh’: The Mint Julep Jazz Band’s New CD,” Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives, September 7, 2015

“The MJJB has a wonderful ensemble sound: often fuller than their four-horn, three rhythm congregation would lead you to expect. Their intonation is on target, their unison passages are elegantly done but never stiff. And they swing. They sound like a working band that would have had a good time making the dancers sweat and glow at the Savoy or the Renny.”

“…affectionate nods to Sammy Cahn and Saul Chaplin, Noble Sissle, the Andrews Sisters, small-band Ellington (yes!), Artie Shaw, Lunceford, young Ella, and more. But obviously chosen with discernment. And the originals by Keenan McKenzie are splendid — idiomatic without being pastiche, real compositions by someone who knows how to write singable melodies and graceful evocative lyrics.”

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Durham Magazine: Runner up for Best Musical Artist/Band, 2015 Best of Durham Awards, August, 2015

The Mint Julep Jazz Band was the first runner up for best musical artist/band in the 2015 Best of Durham Awards, sponsored by Durham Magazine! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us and congratulations again to Sylvan Esso for winning the title.

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HMJ Title

Yehoodi‘s Hey Mister Jesse podcast, August, 2015

Battle Axe is featured in the August, 2015 episode of the Hey Mister Jesse Podcast on – check it out! If you aren’t hip to the Hey Mister Jesse podcast, you might like it if you like swinging jazz and blues, music to dance to, emerging and established swing/jazz/blues artists, and the classic swing era artists we still love so dearly.

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A Kind Voice on Music interview, January 26, 2015

Host Tyler Wolf interviews Lucian Cobb and Laura Windley about the band’s Kickstarter, the creative process, the lindy hop fan base, and highlights from the band’s first album on this show.

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Durham Magazine: Runner up for Best Musical Artist/Band, 2014 Best of Durham Awards, August, 2014

The Mint Julep Jazz Band was the first runner up for best musical artist/band in the 2014 Best of Durham Awards, sponsored by Durham Magazine! We are so grateful to even be in the running for this, so thank you to everyone who voted – we were inched out of our first place spot by Sylvan Esso, a nationally touring indie folk band that relocated to Durham in 2013. Does this mean we are still Durham’s best jazz band? 😉

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Our State MagazineMusic in the Library, June 28, 2014

The Mint Julep Jazz Band filmed three songs for Our State Magazine‘s Music in the Library video series, highlighting North Carolina musical artists. The band recorded “Swingtime in Honolulu,” “Rock it for Me,” and “Miami Boulevard.”

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WUNC’s The State of Things with host Frank Stasio, November 22, 2013

The Mint Julep Jazz Band was featured on WUNC’s The State of Things, with an interview and performance with the full 8 piece band! To listen to the 20 minute segment, click here for the audio recording or click here for the YouTube video of the live video stream.

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Durham Magazine: Best Musical Artist/Band, 2013 Best of Durham Awards, October/November, 2013

The Mint Julep Jazz Band was voted the best musical artist/band in the 2013 Best of Durham Awards, sponsored by Durham Magazine! We are supremely surprised and grateful for the love and send out immense thank yous to everyone who voted for us. We named our first album after this town to show how much we love Durham, and we are getting the love back from you tenfold. 😀 Thank you, Durham!

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“Another Mint Julep, Please!” Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives, July 8, 2013

“The MJJB is a small hot group — well-versed in playing for dancers, so they set swinging tempos and stick to them. Their ensemble work is beautifully precise without being stiff, and they really understand the subtle mysteries of swing rhythm…one of their main inspirations is youthful Ella Fitzgerald and the small group out of Chick Webb’s band — The Savoy Eight — and they evoke that sound perfectly without turning out pale note-for-note copies of the records. I heard evocations of Sandy Williams and Sidney Bechet, but also Al Grey and Howard McGhee.”

“Laura’s got her own sweet style with a serious rhythmic underpinning…her rich voice reminded me of young Ella — that hopeful, wistful, asking-for-love quality — but she can turn corners at a fast tempo, as she proves on the CD’s closer, the band’s romping version of Lil Armstrong’s HARLEM ON SATURDAY NIGHT.”

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Yehoodi‘s Hey Mister Jesse podcast, June 2013

Mint Julep Jazz Band bandleaders Lucian Cobb and Laura Windley were featured in the June, 2013 episode of Yehoodi’s Hey Mister Jesse podcast – the show features an interview with Lucian and Laura and clips from several of the songs off the Mint Julep Jazz Band’s CD release, “Durham on Saturday Night.” Click here to listen to the show.

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WXDU‘s Divaville Lounge with host Sarah Ovenall, May 19, 2013


On May 19, 2013, Laura Windley and Lucian Cobb appeared on WXDU, talking with Divaville Lounge host Sarah Ovenall about the band, the making of “Durham on Saturday Night,” and background on tracks from the album.

You can listen to the hour-long broadcast (interview and tracks from the album) by clicking here.

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DJ Chrisbe’s Song of the Week #165: Get It Southern Style, Christian Bossert, Swing DJ Resources, May 2, 2013

“With their live performances, The Mint Julep Jazz Band has already left quite an impression in the Swing dance scene…It’s a pure pleasure to listen to that fresh sound! There is so much joy of playing and I’m sure they had great fun in the studio while recording. ‘Nuff said. Buy this album!”

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You’ve Got To Hear This: The Mint Julep Jazz Band – Bobby White, Swungover, December 4, 2012

Esteemed international swing dance instructor and Lindy Hop historian Bobby White shares the video he recorded of our performance at the Eastern Balboa Championships on November 2, 2012 and propounds “5 Reasons Why The Mint Julep Jazz Band is an Incredible Band For Dancers.”

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Why You Should Know Who Laura Windley Is… – Tom Blair, Lindy Hop Weekly, November 12, 2012

“The Mint Julep Jazz Band played the 2nd night of EBC, and they were spectacular. They’re a new group based out of North Carolina and they’re just starting to play shows out, but they already sound like a seasoned and professional dance band. I told Laura that her voice and performance was great. She has a tone and phrasing that sits “right in the pocket.” You can tell she’s studied the original Jazz vocalists and manages to both pay homage to their styles while creating something completely her own. I was very impressed.”

* * *

Indy Week Best of Star 2012

Independent Weekly: Finalist for Best Jazz Artist or Band in the Independent Weekly’s 2012 Best of the Triangle Reader’s Choice poll

We are delighted to be a finalist for Best Jazz Artist or Band in our first year of existence! Many thanks to all of our fans who voted for us. Congratulations to one of our tenor saxophonists, Peter Lamb, whose band Peter Lamb and the Wolves was the winner of the Best Jazz Artist or Band award! See the results of the poll and the other finalists on the Indy’s website.

NOTE: The Independent Weekly has eliminated band categories from their 2013 reader’s choice poll – who is the best jazz band in the Triangle for 2013 and beyond? We’ll never know, but we’d like to think we’re a contender!

* * *

Swing dancing, with big band sound, alive in the Triangle – Martha Quillin, News & Observer, May 20, 2012

The News & Observer’s Martha Quillin interviewed Laura Windley and Lucian Cobb of the Mint Julep Jazz Band about big band music and swing dancing in the Triangle. The article was published on the front page of the Sunday, May 20, 2012 paper, but you can also read the article online.

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