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What is Lindy Hop? Featuring the Mint Julep Jazz Band

As part of Yehoodi’s ILHC broadcast, they put together this entertaining and concise explanation of Lindy Hop for the masses who may not know exactly what that entails – the background track is the Mint Julep Jazz Band’s “Miami Boulevard,” off our new album “Durham on Saturday Night” – woot!


“Miami Boulevard” Featured as Theme Song for Yehoodi’s ILHC 2013 Broadcast


This past weekend the hosts of Yehoodi‘s talk show Swing Nation hosted a live stream of the International Lindy Hop Championships, held in Washington, D.C. – the Mint Julep Jazz Band tune “Miami Boulevard” (penned by our very own Keenan McKenzie) was featured as the theme song for the broadcast! You can view archives of the broadcast on and check it out, as well as all of the world class Lindy Hop dancers in the competitions.