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Photographs from Lincoln Center

We’re excited to share with you the wonderful photographs New York photographer, dancer, DJ, and podcast host Ryan Swift took of the Mint Julep Jazz Band performing at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing!  He was limited to the press area and public areas in terms of where he could take photographs and we think he did an amazing job, even with these limitations.  Here are a few of our favorites below and you can see the entire set on his Flickr page.

Midsummer Night Swing 2016 - Mint Julep Jazz BandMidsummer Night Swing 2016 - Mint Julep Jazz BandMidsummer Night Swing 2016 - Mint Julep Jazz BandMidsummer Night Swing 2016 - Mint Julep Jazz Band

“Battle Axe” Album Kickstarter to Launch January 11, 2015


We have been working diligently to get everything in place to launch a Kickstarter for our second album on January 11, 2015 – we’ll be having our Kickstarter launch party at Common 414 in Raleigh, with the full 8 piece Mint Julep Jazz Band playing from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Come join us to celebrate!

The title of the album, “Battle Axe,” is taken from a great Jimmie Lunceford tune in our book, and we anticipate that this will be a really fun album to put together, based on that title. Alexandrea Thomsen of Dtownperspective is putting together an awesome Kickstarter video for us and we have lots of new and interesting rewards in the works, as well as bringing back some old favorites (cupcakes, anyone?). Looking forward to January 11!

New Band Photos!

We had a photo shoot this past Saturday with two great photographers, Ashley Warren and Alexandrea Thomsen – we love the results! You can check out the full albums at Ashley N Warren Photography and Dtownperspective (scroll down to see MJJB). Here are some of our favorites:








Photos of Mint Julep Quintet at G2B from Ashley N. Warren Photography

Ashley Warren took some great photos of the band at our show at G2B Gastro Pub on January 10, 2014 – here are some of our favorites and you can check out the entire set at her website, Ashley N. Warren Photography.








Photos from The Streets at Southpoint

Richard Springs of A Captured Image Photography took these wonderful photos of the band and dancers at the Mint Julep Jazz Band performance at The Streets at Southpoint on June 8, 2013 – click here for the full set.









Sweet Life Studios’ Photos from Koka Booth Amphitheater

Sweet Life Studios‘ Frank Myers was kind enough to snap some great shots of the band at our show on May 22, 2013 at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary – even better, he took them in black and white on a vintage polaroid camera! The results are very cool – check them out at Sweet Life Studios’ Facebook album.

A candid shot from the May 22 show, courtesy of Sweet Life Studios.

A candid shot from the May 22 show, courtesy of Sweet Life Studios.