We are excited to announce our addition to the lineup of the 4th Annual Winter Blues Jazz Fest in Williamsburg, Virginia – find us on Friday, January 10, 2018 at the Mixology and Music event at the Williamsburg Lodge, which features a sampling of cocktails from the best bartenders and mixologists in the area and, of course, some hot jazz and swing from yours truly.  We play from 7:00 p.m. to  9:30 p.m. and tickets are $60 per person or $100 per couple for this special event.  Purchase tickets at Eventbrite.

Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/698087857043867/


a2618128978_16In December of 2016 we announced that a Mint Julep Jazz Band song would be a part of a compilation album called That New Old Sound, organized by our friend and bandleader Glenn Crytzer, where 100% of the proceeds would go to the American Civil Liberties Union.  As of this July 4, 2017, the album has raised over $6,000 for the ACLU!  If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of this great album, with 17 tracks from musicians all over the United States playing traditional jazz and swing music, and celebrate your right to listen and our right to perform this wonderful music.

When the North Carolina Museum of Art reached out to us about performing at their Art Deco car exhibit, the response was a resounding yes – 30’s and 40’s machines of beauty plus music from the same era?  Yes, please!

We’ll be opening the Rolling Sculpture: Art Deco Cars from the 1930s and ’40s exhibit with a soiree on September 29 featuring food, cocktails, and hot jazz amongst the rolling sculptures featured in the exhibit.  Band plays from 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  This is the first of many cool events surrounding this exhibit, check out the NCMA Rolling Sculpture exhibit webpage to see what’s in store in the coming months!


The dance floor at last year’s concert.

We are honored to be asked by Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation to be a part of the Bearden Music Series again this year, after having a fantastic turnout at last year’s outdoor concert.  We’ll be performing a free concert on July 9, 2016 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Bearden Park, a lovely outdoor space admidst the tall buildings of uptown Charlotte.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket and some summer eats (or pick up dinner from one of the food trucks) and relax under the sunset and stars during the concert, or take advantage of the dance floor and a free swing dance lesson by Gottaswing Charlotte on the first band break.

We’re hoping for the same beautiful weather we had last year!

Bearden Park
300 S. Church St.
Charlotte, NC

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Admission is FREE.

See you soon, Charlotte!


Durhamites, be sure to pick up a copy of the April, 2016 issue of Durham Magazine for a feature on the Mint Julep Jazz Band!  Durham Magazine writer Sophia Lucente interviewed Laura Windley, Lucian Cobb, and Keenan McKenzie to put together this snapshot of the band’s history and life in Durham.  You can read the article (as well as the entire issue) online here or read just the article in an online-friendly format here.


Thanks so much to Michael Steinman of the Jazz Lives blog for this detailed and wonderful review of Battle Axe! We are delighted to be included on his blog, with his thoughtful research and review of the many jazz giants performing traditional jazz of yesteryear and of today.

If you love traditional jazz and swing, I would recommend following Michael’s blog – it is comprehensive, updated regularly, and features wonderful artists, both new and old. Michael’s dedication to the research, review, and enjoyment of this music and the artists definitely shows in his writing.

Seriously, these people and organizations are the best, and are the reason the Mint Julep Jazz Band will record a second album! Thank you all so very much! 😀

Contributors (people who donated their time, products, and services as rewards):

Kim Clark of Time Machine Vintage
Jazz Dance Education Council of Richmond, VA
Ben Lassiter
Valerie Salstrom
Jamie Sturdevant of Chatterblossom
Alexandrea Thomsen of Dtownperspective
Gayle Windley (our vocalist Laura Windley’s mom)

Backers (people who pre-ordered the album and opted for other delightful swag, in order of contribution; also, if we have somehow missed or misspelled your name, please email us at mintjulepjazzband@gmail.com and we will make it right!):

Brad Nathanson
Quito Washington
Jesse Miner
Michael Quisao
K&T Eisenbeis
Craig Parker
Kofi Arthiabah
Gabrielle Kern
James Benze
Chris Ronderos
Debi Blair
Jane Dawson
Christian Bossert
Andrew Knipe
Stephen Badham
Tim Grimsey
Christine Cochrum
Lindsay Gardner
John Buhrmann
Laura Ansley
Keith Moore
Ryan Lemar
Eris Discordia
Ian Whitman
Rob Moreland
Amanda Croasdell
Sarah Ovenall
Glenn Crytzer
Martha S.
Beccy Aldrich
Chris Evans
Yulai Liu
Brennan Bowman
Michael Van Andel
Brian Tietz
Paul Gilbert
Ross Blythe
Peter Bonventre
Bobby Cook
Erik Kutzler
Brittany Bugge
Joseph Bopp
Tyler de Caussin
Sarah Henderson
Kate Hedin
David Bradford
Luke Holladay
Anna B
Chayant Tanti
Brian Fennessy
Srishti Garvey
Aaron Seals
Wes Price
Andy Straube
Amy Sosinski
Jacob Z. Price
Emily Topham
Gil Macali
Frank Verdi
Steven Travis
Phillip Bailey
Dror Speiser
Phillip Paggi
Robert Edwards
Albert Mak
Jeffrey Lane
Chase Bannister
Emilie Richard
Kelly Tomlinson
Olivia Bowman
Chelsea Lefaivre
Carl Blackwell
Chad Skeeters
Jenna Bayer
Cassandra Patitz
Paul J. McLaurin
Andrea Waybright
Austin Gowland
Tia Shelley
Beth Grover
Elaine Silver
Brian Sheridan
Alex Richard
Mallory Peterson
Jacob Rix
Jenna Pekofsky
Erik Myers
Christian Seyfert
Alexis Strickland
Aubrey Groves
Scott M. Manson
Rich Werden
Joanne Fujii
Amanda Fletcher
Stephen York
Jason Platt
Mary Lou Mazzara
Adrian Fahrer
Kathy Tilton
Bill Wolf
Ivan Huang
Sara Kremer
Jason Rights
Jack Mitchell
Phil Manijak
Joan Llabres
Ferdinand Stout
John Li
Andy Nishida
Jami Good
Helene Horowitz
Ryan Swift
Dani McQueen
Jill A
Gary Sharpe
Mark Calkins
Marcus Levine
Nirav Sanghani
Stephan Jankowski
Nate Landon
Conner Phillips
Ann Sychterz
Logan Rott
Laurel Mitchell
Sarah Gray
Antonia Burns
John Davies
Oren Forward
Nick Gorman
Ben White
Kristen Buxton
Joel Carlin
Gary Chyi
YoungWoo Joh
Jared Cary
Bill Speidel
Kevin M. Thoresen
Kris Light
Erica Vess
Frank Myers
Kenneth F. Hanson
Marc Latou
Melanie Levine
Holly Yang
Joelle Andrews
Paul Pj Ryan
Michael James
Jeremy Weinberger
Douglas B. Matthews
Eduardo Sanchez
Barry Pincus
Clara Goodwin
Sharon Ferris
Arnold Cabreza
Suzannah Hamer
Erin Riley
Colin Butler
Elizabeth Tietgen
Gina Helfrich
Tim Heard
Scott Angelius
Ann Mony
Emma Durham
Chiara Coombs
Allison Meeks
Daniel Newsome
James Green
Debra Blair
Maya Bernstein
John Ennis
Binaebi Akah
Tim McMackin
Cliff Dyer
Argsnargle Flartblart
Gena Bell Vargas
Dave Warner
Jennifer Barnett
Mahmood Sheikh
Melissa Hinkel
Andrew Boggs
Rik Panganiban
Valerie Salstrom
Larisa Harrison
Melanie Kramer
George Gee
Douglas Spaceage Schumann
Tai Heng
Rebecca Plante
Tim Korkuc
Madeleine Brook
Patrick Draus
Amanda Stock

Joan Bullard
Fran Richmond
Jeff Meyer and Sarah Lapan
Joe Pangburn
Rosa Matusik
Anthony Licata
Adam Raines
Maddie FitzGerald
Ana Oara
Elliot Simon
Lauren Chester
Lynn Redmile
Tom Lassiter
Iris Carter
Nick D’Amico
David Rehm
Jonathan Jones
Carrie Newman
Matt Dorrance
Keith Beckman
Susan Manke
Norma Owens
John Palmer
Samuel Sykes
Mary Ann Carothers
Lyneah Marks
Laura Boyes
Matthew Royal
Doug Noel
Cindy Cuomo
Caitlyn Deeter
Jenni Li
Claudia Thornburgh
Albert Hardy
Benjamin Cass
Lauren Maringola
Deborah E.
Aidan Dunne
Clark Gibson
Sarah White
Sarah Garr
Heather Adams
Dang Mai
Ulla Wingenfelder
Cansu Cimen
Diane Carroad
Laurie Desch
Edwin C. Butterworth
Michael Gamble
Bobby Smith
Brad Mohr
Chelsea Reed
Johann Waldvogel
Matthew Lewis
John Rowe
Raleigh Vintage
Moriah Wood
Brenda Price
Heather Reynolds
Vicki Smith
Lily Mahon
Emily Schuhmann
Lizzy Hazeltine
Kevin Sizer
Carol Linden
Karl Sakas
Artist Andrea
Sean H
Andy Weaver
Linda Boschert
Susanna Rosen
Hannah Catzen
Meghan Lisi
Jamie Foehl
Sommer Gentry
Bradley J. Rogers
Kristen Churchill
Warren Cheung
Matthew Mella
Sarah St. Ores
Adam Speen
Simon Vogt
Amir Rosenblatt
Joy Jing
John Derrick
Beth Midavaine
Royall Spence
Andrew Byrnes
Marie-Eve Gelinas
Helen King
Elizabeth Farrington
Robert White
Jason Maynard
John DeFranco
Doc Harvey
John Antram
Abby Cohen
Richard Springs
Gary House
John DelVecchio
Matt Gritter
Tessa Smith
Brennan Ames-Phares
Andrea Gomez
Morgan L. Williams
Camille Wood
Misty Landrum
Cat Keen Hock
James Pack
Albert Alva
Mark Henderson
Erin Douglas
Bri Swingdancer
Matthew Keener
Travis Getz
Chris Imershein
Andreas Olsson
Lucie Q. Ewen
Clara M.
Michele Bailey
Richard Poole
Matt Mitchell
Susan Sacher
R Lynn Rea
Margaret Williams
Susan Gauthier
Owen Hortop
B. Darst
Tom S.
Amy Dalton
Randy Zingo
Michael Herbert
Alexandria Sampson
Emily K.
Triangle Swing Dance Society
Holly Owens
Michael Baswell
Mary Kyle Manson
Mike Guzzo
M. Legett
Ska Bob
Sebastien Lienard
Ethan Olson
Ben Rich
Michael Steinman
Ryan Ewing
Sean Johnson
Matt Lam
Stina Dallons Isaksen
Gavin MacInnes
Joshua Mclean
Caroline Gleeson
Athena Moon
Richard Korn
Voon Chew
Nelle Cherry
Rebecca Conley
Chris Parizek
Manu Smith
Ben Beccari
David Rohan de Silva
Christine Sirota
Jennifer Donner
Stepan Jordanek
Scott Cappelluti
Lindsay Kelly
Matthew Brooks
Corrie Holliday
Ben White
Elizabeth Quay
Beth Bernobich
Lindsay Giese
Jason Sager
Dave Hall
Jeong JongHwa
Ksenia Sedova
Vicki Matthews
Nicholas Neagle
Tiffany Christensen
Erika Anstead
Clay Miles
Robert Szarka
Nick D
Heinrich Hess
N. Joanne Foil
Anthony Russell
Kemper Talley
Rob Keder
Matthew Tucker
Etsuyo Choi
Sam Carroll
Dylan Kilpatrick
Caitlin Farthing

Laura's mom's aprons sold like hotcakes!
Laura’s mom’s aprons sold like hotcakes!

After launching a week ago, we are excited to report that the Mint Julep Jazz Band’s Kickstarter for our new album “Battle Axe” is already 38% funded! Here are some other update tidbits about our first week of this Kickstarter:

– As of 1/18/15, we have a total of 157 backers!

– We have backers from Canada, Australia, UK, Israel, Switzerland, and Brazil, as well as backers from all over the US.

– The aprons made by Gayle Windley (vocalist Laura’s mom) and the fascinator donated by ChatterBlossom were sold within the first 12 hours after the Kickstarter launched.

– We have added a reward in the first week, two passes to The Process, a weekend of Lindy Hop workshops and dances in Richmond, VA (July 17-19, 2015) focusing on the “process guiding Lindy Hoppers to rapid improvement,” featuring six sets of national and internationally known lindy hop instructors, and the Mint Julep Jazz Band is performing at the Friday night dance – thanks so much to the Jazz Dance Education Council for donating two passes!

– We are going to add a new reward this week, another lovely fascinator donated by ChatterBlossom – stay tuned!

Thanks to all of our backers thus far – we hope you’ll tell all your friends about pre-ordering our new album on Kickstarter!



We have been working diligently to get everything in place to launch a Kickstarter for our second album on January 11, 2015 – we’ll be having our Kickstarter launch party at Common 414 in Raleigh, with the full 8 piece Mint Julep Jazz Band playing from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Come join us to celebrate!

The title of the album, “Battle Axe,” is taken from a great Jimmie Lunceford tune in our book, and we anticipate that this will be a really fun album to put together, based on that title. Alexandrea Thomsen of Dtownperspective is putting together an awesome Kickstarter video for us and we have lots of new and interesting rewards in the works, as well as bringing back some old favorites (cupcakes, anyone?). Looking forward to January 11!